Fun Kayaks

The coast of Ibiza brings together many characteristics and qualities that make it a place to discover, quiet corners, transparent waters, beautiful seabeds, caves and small inaccessible coves, places to practice climbing or jump into the water …
Above the water:
We have all seen the beautiful beaches of Ibiza, now in summer, they are crowded. But even more beautiful are the hundreds of quiet and lonely corners that we can access by sea. All the Balearic Islands are a continuation of the Sierra Bética, to the south of the peninsula, coinciding in the types of rock that we can find and the different formations that are seen in the cliffs. Limestone rock predominates in them, and they show us the different stages of the island’s formation process, and the impressive folds that are created in the earth’s crust by the movements of the plates.
Under the sea:
Just by putting on a pair of goggles and a snorkel tube we can discover the world under water, unknown to many, and which will show us impressive landscapes and a special tranquility. In addition, we will be able to see numerous types of fish and different underwater species, such as anemones and sea tomatoes, and especially the meadows of the Posidonia Oceanica plant (not algae), which has the same importance for the sea as the forests for the land. fulfilling important functions such as photosynthesis, or being the habitat or «home» of numerous plant and animal species.
All this makes it a perfect territory to travel by kayak, either doing crossings or small excursions. With this article, I would like to contribute to saying no to oil drilling projects, which, before even starting to drill, would have already caused irreparable damage in a maritime area greater than 5 times the size of Ibiza.