Paddle surf Experience Ibiza 3h

Activity description

Perfect for everybody. Our most demanded activity.

In the paddle surf and snorkel activity you will enjoy the beautiful coast of ibiza in a quiet activity. You can snorkel, you can jump to the water from the rocks or you can watch the sunset from a singular point of wiew having a drink.

This paddle surf and snorkel activity is up for improve your skills visiting a part of if ibiza with caves and beautiful seabed. It is perfect for families, friends, couples or just for you!

  • 2 or 3 stops to swim, snorkel or just relax
  • Up for begginers
  • Perfect for young people
  • Round trip
  • 2h aprox.


  • 45€ Adults


  • We start at 10.30 in the morning
  • Sunset time. The activity will start 3 hours before the sunset.(Aprox 18.00)

¿What includes?

  • Tips at the beggining about the paddle surf and the paddle and during the tour.
  • It includes the paddle surf and the snorkel equipment.
  • The guide, who cares about the safety, tell about the biology, geology among curiosities.
  • Something to eat like fuits or dry fruits
  • Some pictures after the activity.

¿How to make a reservation?

For making a reservation you should contact us telling about the day you prefer, the activity duration, how many people you will be and a telephone number.

You can fill the form or call us, and wait for the confirmation.

We will contact a few days before the date to confirm about the wheather forecast and the activity details.