Paddle surf course

Activity description

We will start learning how to keep the balance and how to use the paddle. Once we get it we will go on a tour visiting a cave and practising snorkelThis paddle surf and snorkel activity is very soft and perfect for begginers.This is the perfect activity for kids.It is also perfect for everyone.1 or 2 stops to swim, snorkel or restSpecialfor families with kidsRound tripPerfect for begginers


45€ Adults

30€ Kids


We start at 10.30 in the morning

¿What includes?

Tips at the beggining about the paddle surf and the paddle and during the tour. It includes the paddle surf and the snorkel equipment.The guide, who cares about the safety, tell about the biology, geology among curiosities.Some pictures after the activity.

¿How to make a reservation?

For making a reservation you should contact us telling about the day you prefer, the activity duration, how many people you will be and a telephone number.You can fill the form or contact us!