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Our Activities Description

Get ready to know some of the most amazing natural treasures of Ibiza.

Where we´ll be?

We will discover an unreacheable part from the coast with caves and hidden small beaches. You will also enjoy the beautiful seabed snorkeling around.

The trip begins with some tips and guidance how best to use the paddle and the craft, and there’s a chance to practice near the shore before heading out, once you’re confident. The trip will include some rest stops, including the chance to swim and snorkel if you wish. The guide will be on hand to answer questions and share knowledge with you throughout the trip. This is a gorgeous place and we are sure you’ll have a really nice time.

Activity duration and prices

Depending on what you prefer and how much you want to spend, you can choose your activity duration.
  • 2h: 35€ adults / 20€ kids
  • 3h: 45€
  • 5H: 65€

¿When and where?

We will discover an unreacheable part from the coast with caves and hidden small beaches. You will also enjoy the beautiful seabed snorkeling around.

Cala Codolar is our main spot to start the tour but it can change depending on the wind or the activity.
Link to the location:
We usually start at 10.00 a.m.
We start 2 or 3 h before the sunset time.
Aprox. 18.00 p.m.
*It can change a bit depending on the season.

¿What is included?

  • Kayak, padel and lifejacket
  • The guide:
    • Safety
    • Tips to use the padle, the craft and the snorkel equipment
    • Curiosities about the history of the island and the marin flora and fauna
  • Snorkel equipment
  • Stops in small beaches
  • Jumps to the water (if you like)
  • Pictures after the activity
  • Fruits and dry fruits (3h activity)
  • Fruits, dry fruits and lunch (5h activity)
It includes the kayak and the snorkel equipment, the guide, some tips at the beggining and during the tour, something to eat like fuits or dry fruits (in the 3h activity) and we also send you some pictures after the activity.

¿How I make a reservation?

For making the reservation you should fill the form on the right or contact us telling about the day you prefer, the activity duration, how many people you will be and a telephone number.

Once you send us your reservation request we´ll contact you to confirm or tell you if there is any problem.

The time and the starting point can change a little depending on the weather and the season.

Please contact us if you have any question.


Our guide post

Everything started 11 years ago at Cabo de gata (south of spain, Almería) with Happy Kayak. Since that moment I am guiding tours teaching people kayaking and snorkeling at the same time that they discover a beautiful part from the coast.

Now I am guiding a kayak and snorkel activity that will make you discover some of the most beautiful places of Ibiza, visiting amazing caves, hidden beaches and snorkeling around. I care about adapt the activity to everybody, it could be a quiet tour and watch the sunset having a drink but you can also stop and snorkel from the kayak at interesting places or jump from the rocks to the water.

Our kayak and snorkel tours

kayaks ibiza

2h Activity – Kayak and Snorkel Activity

  • 1 or 2 stops to swim, snorkel or rest
  • Specialfor families with kids
  • Round trip
  • Perfect for begginers

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kayaks ibiza

3h Activity – Kayak and snorkel

  • 2 or 3 stops to swim, snorkel or just relax
  • Up for begginers
  • Perfect for young people
  • Round trip

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kayaks ibiza

5h Activity – Kayak and Snorkel

  • 4 or 5 stops for swim, snorkel or just relax
  • Perfect if you had kayaking before
  • Ideal for young people
  • One way tour

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