Fun Kayaks

The coast of Ibiza

The coast of Ibiza brings together many characteristics and qualities that make it a place to discover, quiet corners, transparent waters, beautiful seabeds, caves and small inaccessible coves, places to practice climbing or jump into the water … Above the water: We have all seen the beautiful beaches of Ibiza, now in summer, they are […]


The kayak is a very manageable vehicle that, without causing the least damage, allows you to access even the most hidden corners, being able to go close to the rocks, discovering all the details and stopping at any time and place to rest, enjoy or dive. There are kayaks for all audiences and tastes. There […]

The Sup

Stand up paddle or paddle surfing is a sport that was born a short time ago. To practice it you need a table with specific characteristics and a paddle. If we you use it to surf waves you will do paddle surf  and if we use it to travel the coast you  will be doing […]