Fun Kayaks

The kayak is a very manageable vehicle that, without causing the least damage, allows you to access even the most hidden corners, being able to go close to the rocks, discovering all the details and stopping at any time and place to rest, enjoy or dive. There are kayaks for all audiences and tastes. There are two major differences: One is in the shape, which is adapted to the use that is going to be given to the boat, be it river descent, sea crossing, walk or other more specific modalities, such as rodeo (river waves) , surf etc. The other difference is whether they are open or closed. Enclosed kayaks allow you to go dry, require a certain level and know how to roll (maneuver to turn around once you are upside down). And the open ones, easier to use and without any risk, in which you sit on top, cooler, and from which you can easily jump into the water to cool off. These are perfect to start in this sport and enjoy at the same time what the coast of Ibiza brings us.